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Independent Exams

Commonly, students who are taking an online course or are traveling while taking an in-seat course, need to schedule a proctor. In these situations, the WVU Tech Testing Center provides proctoring services for a small sitting fee.

Arrangements must be made directly with Testing Center personnel as they will need to communicate with your college’s/university’s testing center or professor.

  1. A sitting fee of $30.00 is required which is paid at the Testing Center on the day of the exam.
  2. The candidate must request the necessary exam information from their university or college professor, including password access.
  3. The information must be sent from the university’s testing center or college professor directly to the WVU Tech Testing Center administrator.
  4. Make sure you work directly with Testing Center personnel to make the appropriate arrangements.You can reach us at 304.929.0321.
Contact us to set up your independent exam